Computer Animation Screenings week Six

Music by Max Cooper and Tom Hodge:

Maxime Causeret

Max Cooper – Order from Chaos – Official Video by Maxime Causeret from Max Cooper on Vimeo.

Kevin McGloughlin

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Symmetry from Kevin McGloughlin on Vimeo.

Denial of Service:

RAWTEKK | Here'sToThem (official video) from denial of service on Vimeo.

Scott Portingale

Infinitude from Scott Portingale on Vimeo.

Making of:

Computer Animation Screenings Week Seven


Sonja Kohl

German artist working with visual music

the roots – din da da – visual music by eSKagrafie from eSKa on Vimeo.

◯ Metempsychosis from TsuriiShogo on Vimeo.

letters.ECHO / Aga Jarząb – animation / Pin Park – music from Aga Jarząb on Vimeo.

Clonal Colonies: I – Fresh Runners (2011) from Bret Battey on Vimeo.

░ GANGSTA RIDDIM ░ music video by ▌about:blank™ ░ track by Roel Funcken from about blank™ on Vimeo.

VJing/motion design/graphic design/film director — based in brussels, belgium

MONOSKOP no.3 monkeyking legend from MARTIN BURIL on Vimeo.