Intermediate Animation Screenings: Week Two

Please note, not all screenings featured in this class are available on line. In addition, screenings may differ depending on instructor and session.

Cake Decorating from La Traviata by Guionne Leroy (1993, 3:10 min)

Moon, Breath, Beat by Lisze Bechtolde (1980, 5:00 min)

Joie de Vivre by Hector Hoppin and Anthony Gross (1934, 8:56 min)

Unhappy Happy by Peter Millard (2015, 7:04 min) UK

Boogodobiegodongo by Peter Millard (2014, 4:06 min) UK

Andrei Svislotsky by Igor Kovalyov (1991, 19:00 min)