Intermediate Animation Screenings: Week Three

Please note, not all screenings featured in this class are available on line. In addition, screenings may differ depending on instructor and session.

The Fly By Ferenc Rofusz (1980, 3:10 min) Hungary

Two Weeks – Two Minutes by Judith Porier (2103, 2:34 min ) Canada

Crossing Victoria by Steven Woloshen (2013, 4:00 min) Canada

Walking From Munich to Berlin by Oskar Fischinger (1927, 3:00 min) Germany

At Sea, on Land, and in the Air by Paul Driessen (1980, 9:40 min) Netherlands

Dahlia by Michael Langan (2008, 2:53 min) USA

78 Tours by Georges Schwizgebel (1986, 3:43 min) Switzerland