Principles Two Screenings: Week Seven


Run Wrake: Rabbit

FOR HIRE! – BANGALORE RICKSHAW from Xaver Xylophon on Vimeo.

Vanity Fair Decades – The 1940’s from Drew Christie on Vimeo.


white Out from jeff scher on Vimeo.

Feeling My Way from Jonathan Hodgson on Vimeo.


Monsters Inc. title sequence from siemer on Vimeo.

Sundance – Tell Your Own Story from Buck on Vimeo.

I Didn't Know That – Episode 1 (Elton John) from Young on Vimeo.

Episode 2. I Didn't Know That about The Beatles from Young on Vimeo.

I Didn't Know That about Kate Middleton from Young on Vimeo.

Computer Animation Screenings: Week 3.2

Takeshi Murata produces extraordinary digital works that refigure the experience of animation. His innovative practice and evolving processes range from intricate computer-aided, hand-drawn animations to exacting manipulations of the flaws, defects and broken code in digital video technology. Whether altering appropriated footage from cinema (B movies, vintage horror films), or creating Rorschach-like fields of seething color, form and motion, Murata produces astonishing visions that appear at once seductively organic and totally digital.

-Electronic Arts Intermix

Drew Tyndell: Uses Tradition techniques but wonderfull inspiration! In addition he makes beautiful sculpture wall pieces.


Shape Layer Fun!

Down The Rabbit Hole 2016 from Agent Pekka on Vimeo.

Breaching the Seawall | Modern Love from Adam Wells on Vimeo.

Mouse On Mars – Cream Theme from ZEITGUISED on Vimeo.

Colour Keys from david daniels on Vimeo.

The Divide from Brent Sievers on Vimeo.

Intermediate Animation Screenings: Week Nine

Ubu by Geoff Dunbar (1978, 17:42 min) UK


Primiti Too Ta
by Ed Ackerman (1988, 2:47 min) Canada

Every Child by Derek Lamb and Eugene Federenko (1979, 5:59 min) Canada

One Day a Man Bought a House by Piotr Sapegin (1998, 7:12 min) Norway

Mount Head by Koji Yamamura (2002, 10:03 min) Japan

Moonbird by John and Faith Hubley (1959, 10:03) USA

i r r i n t z i by Jon Boutin (2015, 36 seconds) France

Stammer by Shen Jie ( 2013, 3:15 min) China

Mel Brooks – The Critic (1963, 3:23 ) USA
Phil Mulloy- The Banker