Principles Two Screenings: Week Seven


Run Wrake: Rabbit

FOR HIRE! – BANGALORE RICKSHAW from Xaver Xylophon on Vimeo.

Vanity Fair Decades – The 1940’s from Drew Christie on Vimeo.


white Out from jeff scher on Vimeo.

Feeling My Way from Jonathan Hodgson on Vimeo.


Monsters Inc. title sequence from siemer on Vimeo.

Sundance – Tell Your Own Story from Buck on Vimeo.

I Didn't Know That – Episode 1 (Elton John) from Young on Vimeo.

Episode 2. I Didn't Know That about The Beatles from Young on Vimeo.

I Didn't Know That about Kate Middleton from Young on Vimeo.

Computer Animation Screenings: Week 3.2

Takeshi Murata produces extraordinary digital works that refigure the experience of animation. His innovative practice and evolving processes range from intricate computer-aided, hand-drawn animations to exacting manipulations of the flaws, defects and broken code in digital video technology. Whether altering appropriated footage from cinema (B movies, vintage horror films), or creating Rorschach-like fields of seething color, form and motion, Murata produces astonishing visions that appear at once seductively organic and totally digital.

-Electronic Arts Intermix

Drew Tyndell: Uses Tradition techniques but wonderfull inspiration! In addition he makes beautiful sculpture wall pieces.


Shape Layer Fun!

Down The Rabbit Hole 2016 from Agent Pekka on Vimeo.

Breaching the Seawall | Modern Love from Adam Wells on Vimeo.

Mouse On Mars – Cream Theme from ZEITGUISED on Vimeo.

Colour Keys from david daniels on Vimeo.

The Divide from Brent Sievers on Vimeo.

Intermediate Animation Screenings: Week Nine

Ubu by Geoff Dunbar (1978, 17:42 min) UK


Primiti Too Ta
by Ed Ackerman (1988, 2:47 min) Canada

Every Child by Derek Lamb and Eugene Federenko (1979, 5:59 min) Canada

One Day a Man Bought a House by Piotr Sapegin (1998, 7:12 min) Norway

Mount Head by Koji Yamamura (2002, 10:03 min) Japan

Moonbird by John and Faith Hubley (1959, 10:03) USA

i r r i n t z i by Jon Boutin (2015, 36 seconds) France

Stammer by Shen Jie ( 2013, 3:15 min) China

Mel Brooks – The Critic (1963, 3:23 ) USA
Phil Mulloy- The Banker

Computer Animation Resource Links

One of the requirements for this course will be reviewing weekly tutorials on the Lynda website. Please make sure to understand the software concepts we’ll be working with before attending class. To log in and access the tutorials use your RISD email address and password . In most cases you’ll be reviewing specific chapters from the the tutorials but feel free to pursue additional chapters if you understand the basic concepts. Here’s links to tutorials for each week:

Before Class One on February 12:

After Effects Apprentice 02: Basic Animation with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer. You will need to complete chapters 1-3

Before Class Two on February 19th:

After Effects Apprentice 14: Shape Layers with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer. You will need to complete chapter 1.

Before Class Three on February 26th:

After Effects Apprentice 07: Parenting with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer. You will need to complete chapter 1 and 2.

Before Class Four on March 5th:

After Effects Apprentice 13: Paint, Roto, and Puppet with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer. You will need to complete Chapter 7 which covers the Puppet Tool.

Before Class Six on March 19th: (you have two weeks for this one)

Getting Started with After Effects Expressions with Angie Taylor. You will need to complete Chapters 1-3.

Before Class Seven on April 2nd:

Getting Started with After Effects Expressions with Angie Taylor. You will need to complete Chapter 7; Reacting to sound.

Before Class Nine on April 16th: ( you have two weeks for this one)

After Effects Apprentice 11: 3D Space with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer. You will need to complete Chapters 1-3

Before Class Ten on April 23rd:

After Effects Apprentice 11: 3D Space with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer. You will need to complete Chapters 4-6 (working with cameras)

Additional Resources:

Scripts and Expressions:

Duik Inverse Kinematics & Tutorials: This is a wonderful script for puppet animation. His tutorials are in French but have good subtitles

AE Scripts: Many very useful AE scripts. Most of these are not free but worth checking out. Highly recommended, his bounce-overshoot expression is one of my faves.

5 After Effects Expressions for Better Designs

Creative Cow After Effects Expressions Forum


Motionworks Experiments page. The best way to learn is to experiment and take things apart. These are experiments based on combining different effects. Download the AE files and poke around!

Advanced Shape Layers

Franchise: This is an Animated typeface collaboration between 1 typeface designer and 110 animators.  For the price of a tweet you can download the AE file and take a look at how the animations were created. Some wonderful, innovative solutions here.

Music and Sound

Copyright and Creative Commons (CC)

Creative Commons, an alternative to traditional copyright. This page explains use for various license choices.


Computer Animation Welcome To Computer Animation with Gina K

In addition to computer assisted animation (using a computer to shoot and playback drawings or stop motion) computers are very useful for;

  • Generating Graphics in 2D and 3D space
  • Generating Sound
  • Interpolating graphic change over time; position, shape, color, direction…
  • Analyzing data to create movement; Sound, motion, numerical
  • Duplication
  • Time shifting

This course explores the use of the computer to create animation and motion graphics.  Because we are animators and not computer scientists (at least in my case) we will be employing Adobe After Effects as the interface between computer and artist. After Effects is a very deep program and is used for creating motion graphics, animation, special effects and compositing.

We will be using this software primarily to create graphic elements and generate change over time. Regardless of tools and techniques this is an animation course. Compelling timing, movement, rhythm, dynamics, and design will be at the heart of everything we create.

Some Expectations:

Class time will be divided between In-class exercises, critique, viewing films. Although we will be spending some time each week reviewing techniques and tools within After Effects I expect you to spend substantial time outside of class viewing assigned tutorials. This will allow us to concentrate on animating as opposed to learning software.

Before starting this class please review and become familiar with After Effects by following sections 1-5 in the tutorial: After Effects Apprentice 02: Basic Animation

Your RISD email and login will allow you to access the tutorial.