Computer Animation Screenings: Week Eleven

CHOIR TOUR from Atom Art on Vimeo.

It’s a wild free-for-all when a famous boys’ choir breaks away from their conductor while on tour in Seoul and causes mayhem in the hotel. Director, animator and artist: Edmunds Jansons, Sound design and music: Ģirts Bišs.

Skhizein (short film) from Jeremy Clapin on Vimeo.

Analogue riffs on Digital

TINAMV 1 from adnan popovic on Vimeo.

Usavich Season 4: Usavich is the smash broadband cartoon series from MTV Japan that tells the story of two bunnies locked up in a Russian prison. Created for MTV Japan by Satoshi Tomioka and his studio Kanaban Graphics.

Computer Animation Welcome To Computer Animation with Gina K

In addition to computer assisted animation (using a computer to shoot and playback drawings or stop motion) computers are very useful for;

  • Generating Graphics in 2D and 3D space
  • Generating Sound
  • Interpolating graphic change over time; position, shape, color, direction…
  • Analyzing data to create movement; Sound, motion, numerical
  • Duplication
  • Time shifting

This course explores the use of the computer to create animation and motion graphics.  Because we are animators and not computer scientists (at least in my case) we will be employing Adobe After Effects as the interface between computer and artist. After Effects is a very deep program and is used for creating motion graphics, animation, special effects and compositing.

We will be using this software primarily to create graphic elements and generate change over time. Regardless of tools and techniques this is an animation course. Compelling timing, movement, rhythm, dynamics, and design will be at the heart of everything we create.

Some Expectations:

Class time will be divided between In-class exercises, critique, viewing films. Although we will be spending some time each week reviewing techniques and tools within After Effects I expect you to spend substantial time outside of class viewing assigned tutorials. This will allow us to concentrate on animating as opposed to learning software.

Before starting this class please review and become familiar with After Effects by following sections 1-5 in the tutorial: After Effects Apprentice 02: Basic Animation

Your RISD email and login will allow you to access the tutorial.