Computer Animation Screenings: Week Three

Takeshi Murata produces extraordinary digital works that refigure the experience of animation. His innovative practice and evolving processes range from intricate computer-aided, hand-drawn animations to exacting manipulations of the flaws, defects and broken code in digital video technology. Whether altering appropriated footage from cinema (B movies, vintage horror films), or creating Rorschach-like fields of seething color, form and motion, Murata produces astonishing visions that appear at once seductively organic and totally digital.

-Electronic Arts Intermix

Shape Layer Fun!

Down The Rabbit Hole 2016 from Agent Pekka on Vimeo.

The Complete Propz from Animade on Vimeo.

Breaching the Seawall | Modern Love from Adam Wells on Vimeo.

BUCK – Logo Animation from Sander van Dijk on Vimeo.

ADCN – Identity Animation from Sander van Dijk on Vimeo.

VIS Festival Trailer 2011 (by Max Hattler) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.

Franchise Animated – Promo from Animography on Vimeo.

Elliot Lim – The Wire Tribute

The Wire from Elliot Lim on Vimeo.

Computer Animation Screenings: Week Four


Marsh-Dondurma and StudioPoink*- The shower at the end of the day from StudioPoink* on Vimeo.

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

Rabbit – Run Wrake


Hybrid techniques Featuring “Tiny Inventions”

Something Left, Something Taken- Full Version from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

Making of Something Left..

The Creative Spark

Computer Animation Screenings: Week Five

Mixing it up

Vanity Fair Decades – The 1940's from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

Forest Murmurs from Jonathan Hodgson on Vimeo.

An animated exploration of Epping Forest’s sinister past sparks off a journey into the dark side of the film maker’s mind.


The BAFTA winning debut film from AKA Director Marc Craste – JO JO IN THE STARS is a 12 minute story of love, self-sacrifice, and jealousy played out against a black and white world that is both nightmarish and hauntingly beautiful.

Director Marc Craste
Producer Sue Goffe
Produced by Studio AKA

Big hands oh big hands, let it be bigger and bigger from RAY on Vimeo.

Animation: Lei Lei
Music: Li Xingyu

Computer Animation Screenings week Six

Music by Max Cooper and Tom Hodge:

Maxime Causeret

Max Cooper – Order from Chaos – Official Video by Maxime Causeret from Max Cooper on Vimeo.

Kevin McGloughlin

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Symmetry from Kevin McGloughlin on Vimeo.

Denial of Service:

RAWTEKK | Here'sToThem (official video) from denial of service on Vimeo.

Scott Portingale

Infinitude from Scott Portingale on Vimeo.

Making of:

Computer Animation Screenings Week Seven


Sonja Kohl

German artist working with visual music

the roots – din da da – visual music by eSKagrafie from eSKa on Vimeo.

◯ Metempsychosis from TsuriiShogo on Vimeo.

letters.ECHO / Aga Jarząb – animation / Pin Park – music from Aga Jarząb on Vimeo.

Clonal Colonies: I – Fresh Runners (2011) from Bret Battey on Vimeo.

░ GANGSTA RIDDIM ░ music video by ▌about:blank™ ░ track by Roel Funcken from about blank™ on Vimeo.

VJing/motion design/graphic design/film director — based in brussels, belgium

MONOSKOP no.3 monkeyking legend from MARTIN BURIL on Vimeo.

Computer Animation Screenings: Week Eight

Signal Film_GLAS animation festival 2016 from KANGMIN KIM on Vimeo.

Installation and projection mapping

Augmented Reality – Projection Mapping from Dane Luttik on Vimeo.

A short documentary by Dane Luttik

Mapping projects by AntiVJ

0.14 3Destruct (AntiVJ 2011)
1.16 Nuits sonores (AntiVJ 2009)
1.20 Mécaniques Discursives (Legoman 2012)
1.22 St Gervais (AntiVJ 2010)
5.45 EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL (Joanie Lemercier – AntiVJ 2012)
6.48 Enghien (AntiVJ – 2009)

more info:

Mapping projects by Jean-Michel Verbeeck

1.29 Hexastruct
2.43 Quantum

more info:


EXCISION – COSMIC STEAMCLOCK from Alessandro Bavari on Vimeo.

EXCISION, Tour 2013 – Projection mapping.
Year: 2013
Duration: 1: 36 mins
Original size: 1920 x 1080

Animation commissioned by Excision, world Tour 2013. The video is screened with the projection mapping technique, on a geometric structure mounted on the stage.

Live View

An Inquiring Age-SHORT from John Ensor Parker on Vimeo.

“An Inquiring Age” is a large-scale video-mapping projection installation created by Glowing Bulbs + John Ensor Parker, that spans 33,000 square feet (3,065 square meters) within the Manhattan Bridge Archway and on the Eastern exterior elevation of the Anchorage. The piece included audio and was presented in the Codex Dynamic video exhibition.

Gallery Installation

Candaş Şişman aims to manipulate our notion of time, space and motion by his work, using digital and mechanical technologies. Taking the sciences of nature and universe as his reference point, the artist combines physical forms with images that are produced digitally. Thus a bridge becomes visible, between the physical world and the digital world.

NOD from candas sisman on Vimeo.

Robotic Installatıon / 2011
Exhibited in 2011 Hikikomori group exhibition, Piha art gallery – İstanbul

Mechaniques Discursives: These installation projects have developed out of the encounter of the engraver Fred Penelle with the video artist Yannick Jacquet (Legoman). They are a mixture of engraving and video projection

Mecaniques Discursives at Scopitone Festival 2012 from Yannick Jacquet (Legoman) on Vimeo.

Mécaniques Discursives – animated canvas 1 from Yannick Jacquet (Legoman) on Vimeo.

Asphyxia Project

as·phyx·i·a from Maria Takeuchi on Vimeo.

as·phyx·i·a – Making of from Maria Takeuchi on Vimeo.


A day on the London Underground

Computer Animation Screenings Week Ten

Heaven's Countryland Part 1 of Childhood story of Kim Jong Un from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Heaven's Countryland – Part 2 of the Death Of Kim Jung Ill from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Heaven's Countryland – US Americans Part 4 – Children from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Heaven's Countryland – US Americans Part 7 – Pharmaceuticals from David OReilly on Vimeo.


Making Muti from Muti on Vimeo.

We put together this fun little animation featuring some interesting characters. It’s about a witchdoctor’s quest to collect the ingredients needed to make muti, which is the Zulu word for traditional medicine.

Men’s Health // How a Bean Becomes a Fart from Giant Ant on Vimeo.

Well, we’ve always wondered how this happens. And now we know, thanks to Men’s Health Magazine asking us to bring Rami’s amazing infographic to life. Open a can of beans and follow along.

Client: Men’s Health Magazine
Creative Director: Thomas O’Quinn
Illustrator: Rami Niemi

Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Cory Philpott
Animation: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Lucas Brooking, Matt James

Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem from 1stAveMachine on Vimeo.

Virgin Airlines / Method – Character Animation – We’re All In This Together from Rezatron (Reza Rasoli) on Vimeo.

In this spot for Method Cleaners on Virgin America, 3LL joins forces with Droga5 to bring you a life lesson for easing your mind in the skies. So the next time you want to reach across the aisle and slap someone, take a deep breath and remember…“We’re all in this together!”

Co-Directed by Three Legged Legs

BC Dairy Foundation “Russian Dolls” from Bent Image Lab on Vimeo.

Karnival, “Episodes One, Two, and Nine” from Bent Image Lab on Vimeo.

Karnival “10_Toaster” from Bent Image Lab on Vimeo.

Leader Holland Animation Film Festival 2014- Andreas Hykade

Leader Holland Animation Film Festival 2014 – Konstantin Bronzit

Junk Mail from Henning M. Lederer on Vimeo.


Channel Flipper – William Garratt

A Brief History of Climate Changes – Olivier Martin